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A new print.  This one talks a bit of turkey; turkey hunting that is.  The spring season is just around the corner and preparations are under way.  It may be a bit early to be thinking of a ‘Next Season’ already, but hey, it is inevitable. So, let’s make plans now – enjoy the process, the season and the looking forward to next year already.

A story is in progress for this print.  It’s still stuck between the keys and this page.  I’ll finish prying it out in a couple of days. Until then, just enjoy the print.

This print was also used to illustrate a fine article on turkey calls, written by my good friend and colleague, Dave Richey of Traverse City, MI.  Read Dave’s article, Cleaning My Turkey Calls, on his main blog, Dave Richey Outdoors, and many other online locations.

If you find yourself seeing this print on your wall – and get a big hankering to own one – then send me an email. You could be one of  90 unique people on the planet. ‘Cause there will only ever be 90 giclee prints prints offered; ever.

Happy Huntin’…

Next Season: Headin Home; 90 giclee prints are available

Next Season: Headin’ Home

SIZE: Image: 8″ x 11.5 |  Paper:10″ x 13″

In many places  a – thick- covering of ice still covers the lakes.  Yes, that would be in the North Country.  But in the lower reaches of the mid-west, we are loosing the ice cover. In fact we’ve not had ice for nearly a month now.

Regardless, this signals the end to our ice fishing season.  A season that is brief at best; dangerous at worst.  Our ice is never that thick.  But it’s thick enough if you ‘listen’ well and take the proper precautions.

Old-timers will tell you that the ice will ‘talk to you’. An if you listen you’ll stay safe.  If you fail to listen … well, suffer the consequences.  It’s very smart to keep this mantra in mind,

“Nature always wins”.

You don’t want  to be on the wrong side of that bit of wisdom.

I assist a good friend; a noted and honored outdoor writer; with his online publications.  His eye-sight is wavering – but not his mind nor his writing skills. So I provide him the vision he is now lacking.  It is my honor.  Seriously.. a very great honor!

The other day he published an article that speaks about the ice-talking issue.  He didn’t have a photo to illustrate the article.  So, I jumped on the need and provided an eLITHO for his wordsmithery.

Below is the image.  It isn’t large enough for a full-sized print.  But I am considering making it – along with other related images as a series of note cards that I will call, Voices of the Wild.

If you’re so interested, shoot me an email. Or send me a Tweet [ooakgallery] – hashtag it   #voicesofwild.

Meanwhile, keep an ear pealed to the voices of the wild.  They speak a rich chorus of sound and an eternal breadth of wisdom.  Failure to hear these utterances from the eons, could be the last big mistake you ever make.


The Ice Talks

Possible Note Card from series ‘Voices of the Wild’

If you are interested in this send a Tweet

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