Tim’s Triangle

Tim's Triangle, eLITHOGRAPH by les booth

Tim’s Triangle, 20″ x 13.5″ eLITHOGRAPH image

Tim Travis, of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada, leads a life admired by many and enjoys the serious envy of many around the world. Tim will be the first to tell you his life now is very good, but it is far from perfect. Though he lives in the cradle of beauty that is the Cheakamus River valley, he, like all of us, finds it a daily struggle to remain positive. Those of us who read his daily Facebook posts, would agree, it sure appears that his environs are a very good elixir for his soul and positive flow. Tim is also very gracious in passing on, through his daily posts, some of the elixir to us all.

Tim, by his own not-so-obtuse admission is a fly-fishing junkie. He is quite passionate about it; some would say, obsessed with it. But not to worry. There is no danger here. Fishing has him totally under control. And he has no plans to change that. We in the aforementioned Facebook peanut gallery, are in total unity of support – “Tim should remain a fly-fishing addict”. It is best for him, and for us. As they say in the Southland of the warmer climates of the USA, “It’s ALL good.”

The eLITHOGRAPH™ shown here, titled, Tim’s Triangle, was inspired by a photo of Tim, posted a while back, of him fishing on one of his beloved waterways. I simply imagined Tim standing in favorite flow of water, surrounded by the elements that make ‘his world’ so delightful: water, trees, fish… and brought them together for this image. They formed a ‘triangle’, which as it turns out, pretty well describes the geometry of most fly-fishermen of passion. I rather think it all worked out, too. I hope y’all and Tim enjoy the effort. I certainly enjoyed the process. I am pleasantly pleased with the outcome.

Tim’s Triangle is 20” x 13.5”, created in a multiple media manner, employing the effects of watercolor and ink/dye application style.


Little Pimp ‘n ‘Da Smallie Hook-up


eLITHOGRAPH ©2015 Les Booth, “Little Pimp ‘n ‘Da Smallie Hook-up”

In the pooled soft-water just off the riffle line, in the high-oxygen water of a sleek current, rides the stream-loving, smallmouth bass. You can find them in a lot of places in a stream: under or beside logs, in the current-shadow of a big rock; whether the rock top is hidden or well above water-line. You can find them cruising the shallows and small midstream pools or humps.

But for consistent action … look for those cafeterias of oxygen and food.  In that thin edge of high-oxygenated water running alongside the riffle-line. There’s where the food will be and that’s where the smallmouth bass will be found.

This eLITHOGRAPH™ depicts just such a smallmouth, colored the golden rich hues of shallow-filtered sunlight, light sand and rock-bottom … in water with just a tinge of green from early season algae.

The ‘lure’ in this image is one modeled from a hand-made beauty by the crankbait maestro-in-the-making, of West Lafayette, IN, Jose Reyes​ (Buldawg Custom Baits). Jose calles this bait, ‘Shorty the Pimp‘ and it’s in the style of a Hoosierville ‘long-ear sunfish .

Y’all, might note that I made a ‘secret change’ to Jose’s pimped-out-sunfish. But it’s not likely to surprise him or anyone who tosses baits off a casting rod or spinning rod.

When I first met Jose, at the People’s Brewing Company​ of Lafayette, Monday Night Fly-Tie, a couple of weeks back, our discussion took off on the topic of – Single-hooks vs. Treble-hooks.

I don’t toss crankbaits, spoons or spinners much any more, but I used to a LOT! And long about 1980’late, I changed over all of my treble-hooks for single-hooks. Reason: I got sick and tired of hooking the net, weeds, clothing, tube, and ME! So I gave single hooks a try. It took a couple of seasons and some long-winded discussions to come up with a hook and set-up that was more than satisfactory. I’ve not looked back since… and I -nor any fish caught – have been mangled by a treble-hook since!

In this image, I am showing a hook, that I have not yet used.  But will be testing it out this Spring. I found the Maruto Semi-barbless hooks while looking for a better single-hook replacement a couple of days ago.

WOW! What a great looking hook. And the ‘semi-barbless’ design… Well, you gotta see it ! It’s great. I just love the way the hook hangs in the eLITHOGRAPH™! I think you’ll agree .. it’s a hooker’s hook! Gotcha!

I hope you enjoy this eLITHOGRAPH™, “Little Pimp ‘n ‘Da Smallie Hook-up“. It will print – full-image to a paper image of – 27.8″ x 18.5″, in  acrylic and ink style.

Thank you Jose for the chance to put your nifty little pimped-out long-ear sunfish crankbait in an eLITHOGRAPH™. I think it rides quite well. Eh? 😉

Almost in Grasp

20" x 14.5" eLITHOGRAPH, 'Almost In Grasp'; serigraph, 5-color, posterization

20″ x 14.5″ eLITHOGRAPH, ‘Almost In Grasp'; serigraph, 5-color, posterization

I love fish.  I love to watch fish. I love to fish for fish .. and catching fish is a lot of fun, too.  But I can garner all the satisfaction necessary by just watching fish.  I can barely walk past a mud puddle without checking it for fish.  I am mesmerized by the fish tanks at Wal-Mart.

So, every chance I get to walk by a stream, near a lake or pond bank, along a beach … I am looking.  Looking intently, for fish.  For me – ‘fishing’ is more fun that the actual ‘catching’. In the same way, looking is high up there in the fun-ranks, as well.

But there is a lot more to ‘looking at fish’ than just enjoying them.  The more you look at them, you end up observing them. This observation leads to a better understanding of fish movement and behavior. The better you understand fish…  well that information comes in ‘reel’ handy when you’re lookin’ to ‘hook-up’ with one.  Reeeeel, handy!!

An off-shoot of this habit of watching-fish has become the, measuring of the fish I observe.  Now, being at random distances: from bank-to-water; depth-of-water; clarity-of-water; etc. There is simply no precise way to actually take a measurement with all of the interfering variables.  So I devised one. I call it  CALIPER.  Which stands for the ‘Casual Angler’s Let’s Imagine Proportion-by-Experince Ruler’.  And the process of CALIPER, I call, ‘caliperizing.  Yes, my new word for the day is caliperizing.

The ‘Casual Angler’ caliperizes fish by

  1. spotting the fish — of course;
  2. fully extending whichever arm you wish, in front of you, with thumb and index finger in a ‘near-pinch’ position (together but not touching);
  3. sighting the fish ‘through the opening”; opening and closing the thumb and forefinger to allow the fish to ‘swim through visually';
  4. taking a measure of the ‘gap’ with a ruler and recording it;

Combining the caliperizing process, with records of catching a few of those whom I ‘caliperized’, I have been able to formulate a rough, but fun-to-acquire set of data on sizing the fish. Seriously, all math used here is as simple as it gets.  It has to accommodate me!

Interestingly enough, I got lucky. Measuring’ the size and weight of a fish with this caliperizing method, seems to work!  So, watching fish has now become sort of like ‘best ball’ in golf.  I walk over by some water – spot fish – observe for a while – caliperize a few – record the number of my  would-be-C&R-fish, rank by size, and jot them down, compare to historical data and….  Voila!  Fish fun without anyone -fish or fisherman- being overly excited or stressed in – or because of – the event.

Truly a non-invasive form of outdoor activity, involving fish and tabulating trophy and size.  When executed in a phenological format, an interesting graph of a stream, river, lake, etc. can/could be derived.  Such activity may seem intuitive.  But, that is rarely the case. By-and-large, this kind of information just does not exist.  Maybe a fad-wave is begun .. eh?

I’m not saying this is a replacement for actually casting a fly; floating it out over a calm pool, to drop undetected at the entry to the feeding lane of a lunker brown trout; mending line, keeping distance, ready to set – connection! – hook-up – battle – meet ‘n greet – photo memory – adieu! – and onward.

NOT at all! 

But, is sure beats setting on a couch and watching people shout, act stupid, break jaws, and dispense human germs to the piscatorial community.


Did I mention.. I like fish?

I am haunted by waters … and all the stuff found there. Yes I am this is true.  And, it fits me just fine.



The latest image to grasp my imagination is the one on this page, entitled,  Almost in Grasp.  This is a 20″ x 14.5″ eLITHOGRAPH impressionist piece, created in serigraphic (silk/screened image), 5-color, posterization format.

The image du inspiration, came to me by way of my Facebook Friend, Bill Elliott, of Statesville, North Carolina. The original image can be seen in Bill’s Gallery/Albums/Cover images.

Bill, is, himself a magnificent outdoor activity artist; with many years of successful art and illustration work behind him – and we certainly hope many more in front.  Bill’s preference in outdoor art shows up in his love of fish and fishing.  Moments after Bill had posted the original photo I came across it  and could not resist asking for permission to interpret. Bill was his usual self, and was most gracious in his reply, saying, “Go right ahead.”  So, I did.  Thank you Bill.  I do believe it was a very good outcome.

I should also admit that the ‘style’ I ended up using is one with no small matter of influence, by two other Facebook artist friends; and no slight amount of nudging by the works or a couple more.  I will only embarrass two of them with this post.. but not to worry, the rest of you are fair game, too!  The eLITHOGRAPH, Almost in Grasp style owes a good deal of design-genetic influenced by the works of Josh DeSmit, (Josh DeSmit Art) of New Hope, Minnesota  and Ryan Sharpe (DeadWeightFly) of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Thanks guys . It is all your fault.  Well, that and all that fish watching.