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The African elephant has been an inspiration since the first one was sighted by human eyes.  Before that, unless it was another elephant the sighting most likely engendered fear.  It does that well in the eyes of humans, too.  We have the elevated capacity to wonder and admire beauty.  The African elephant (Loxodonta africana) definitely inspires.

The Swahili word Sankalai is the word more often used to define the male (bull) African elephant.  I thought this word appropriate for this eLithograph© since it is the embued emotion I felt – and have found others feel when seeing this image – when first seeing an African elephant in real life.  Native African peoples know far better than I the impressive figure and elephant impresses, but one does not need to see an elephant ‘in-the-bush’ to be moved.

Read the short story, “Sankalai” on the Akilologos blog.  This story was written in the Akilologos style, with the ~1000 word short-story being inspired by the image.



  • SIZE Image: 12.7″x16.2″ | Paper: 20″x16″
  • PRINT Giclee w/artist dye pigments
  • RUN 100 Prints | 95 (6/100-100/100) available
  • PRICE $150 print only | Contact for matte and frames

Read the short story, Sankalai on the Akilologos blog

I’ve just finished a number of new eLITHOGRAPH images and am releasing them for viewing here on ODG.  I’ve placed some of them on the following online OOAK Gallery locations  Flickr and RedBubble.


OOAK Digital Gallery eLITHOGRAPH©

OOAK Digital Gallery eLITHOGRAPH©, ©2008 Les Booth; all rights reserved.

  • SIZE Image: 16.2″x12.7″ | Paper: 20″x16″
  • PRINT Giclee w/artist dye pigments
  • RUN 100 Prints | 95 (6/100-100/100) available
  • PRICE $150 print only | Contact for matte and frames

Read the short story, Ruff Double Memory on the Akilologos blog

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