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Rooster 1 Has Landed

New Hampshire and Costa Rica based fly-fishing, sporting marine, gamefish, sportfishing painter and illustrator, Mike Savlen finally connected with one of his fishing goals: catching a huge bull roosterfish.

There are younger fish with intact dorsals, unscathed skin who are frankly prettier looking. But this fish was so right for the moment that one is left wondering just what forces may have been at play here.  The time-n-chance factor is a major player in life – but there are times when even it doesn’t have this much pull on life’s events.

The old bull wrestled Mike for an exhausting 45 minutes before allowing himself to be subdued. Mike carefully hoisted the old ‘boy’ aboard. Snapping the requisite shots, Mike then carefully lowers him back into the briney world from whence he came.

For a few moments – with his gills being surged with fresh oxygen – strength returns to the old warrior and with a thrust from his tail, Mike gets the nod and releases him back into the depths.

Mike captured this moment on this video of : Mike Savlen releasing his 1st buck Roosterfish.  A testement to the value of this meeting.

Mike Savlen, fab marine sporting artist, lands his first roosterfish; a big, old buck;

Mike Savlen, fab marine sporting artist, lands his first roosterfish; a big, old buck;

OOAK’s Return Online

The Phoenix rises again.

OOAK Digital Gallery has been ‘off-the-air’ for several months. It’s now making a come back.

Where’d OOAK go?

Well, I played around with a number of different web type designs and platforms. But when it was all said-and-done, the Word Press format CMS seems to be the best. It’s simple, works incredibly well, and is growing. So, when it comes to my art, I don’t want to fiddle with technology, I want to get my work online – viewed – and sold. Thus I’m all no-nonsense when it comes to OOAK Digital Gallery these days. At least with the online part.

Since this is a new start, I am starting over – from scratch.

This rendition will be a mixture of art, commentary, tutorial, writing and interviews. I do hope you like this version of OOAK Digital Gallery. I want it to be personal, accessible and affordable.

120908_ooak_newlogo-white_wdgrain-shado-bev-200x One of the first things our old visitors will see is the new logo. I chose the style and content of the logo more closely project the themes that fuel my work.

The style is in the Native American folklore used by the Tlingit, Kwakiutl and Haida tribes of the North American northwest.  Very simple lines, but powerful graphics. Images with a voice of nature and natural environments.  The prominance of the lines and visual typography also relay the strong graphic design influence found in my work.  The illustration of the hand bring an element of fine art method and also signifies the hand-made element of the work.

My art is influenced and heavily invested in depicting the natural world and human interface.  Fish are an important element in my life; fisheries was a major thrust of my college degree.  I also enjoy their company … and well as the places where fish inhabit.

Though I do have – and will continue to add – certain man-made elements in my portfolio – the majority of my work has a definite ‘natural bend’.

I also enjoy writing as an outlet.  I have experimented with offering a unique blend of imagery – visual and textual – for some time.  On the blog Akilologos, I present an OOAK image with short-story, haiku, or other verse built around that image.  I do enjoy the collaboration this effort affords my creative outlet.

Commercial Work

OOAK does commercial work as well.  I do commissions for commercial art – used as decoration, publication, point-of-purchase, marketing, advertising -or whatever the client desires.

OOAK sells giclee prints of the work created for the gallery.  All issues are of very short run, limited quanties, that do not exceed 100 prints.  The ‘original’ may be purchased as well and OOAK will retain the rights to publish the 100 giclee prints.

OOAK does private work, too.  If you have an image you wish to have rendered as an eLITHOGRAPH©, contact me and I will be glad to discuss your ideas.

Thank you for taking a look at the OOAK Digital Gallery.  I hope you enjoy the visit here and at our various outlets around the web.  A list where works of OOAK Digital Gallery can be found online, are in the Links listed on the right.

Enjoy the view,

les booth