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The Bull Gate

092114_cxc_jennklossen_moose-clearing-final900x“The Bull Gate”, a 24″ x 16.8″ eLITHOGRAPH inspired by a photograph by Jen Klassen​ (be sure to check out Jen’s amazing photos)

In the fall of the year the open yards become crossings, if not down-right battle zones for bull moose, either guarding or raiding harems.

As the foliage brightens and readies to littler the forest and yard floor once again, the bellows of mating lusts, fill the frosty air. The call of breeding to continue the herd. It is also the call the hunter hears and answers with the predators response to keeping populations in control. The system is systemic. Working constantly, toward a balance that all life can live with.

We are most fortunate when we participate and partake of the fullness of this magnificent event.  It is momentum so power-driven, not even, ‘The Bull Gate’ can hold it back. Nor, would – even if it could.

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Mary-Pat Whitfield I didn’t realize that moose had ems. I’ve seen elk “harems”, and moose with several cows, just not the numbers the elk had.


Les Booth Yes, Mary-Pat – not nearly as large as the elk herd ‘harems’; since moose are not ‘herd cervids’ per se; but the cows maintained by a bull are considered his ‘harem’. And as with most male cervids, all cows are ‘fair game’ for adding-to his ‘harem’.



Charles N Cantella Knocked it outta the park with this one!


Les Booth Thank you all for the nice comments. I’m moving into a new set of methods and techniques in the eLITHOGRAPH process. This is one of the early ‘Beta images’. Nice to hear y’all like the looks. This image will be part of a series of North American CervSee More



James Savstrom Great work Les, thanks for sharing this beauty!


Les Booth Wow .. thanks folks for the nice comments and likes. I am very glad everyone is enjoying this piece. I certainly hope the rest of the series finds equal appreciation. These are just a lot of fun to produce. Thank you all again.


Charles N Cantella Thanks also to opening us to the photography of Jen Klassen!


Les Booth You’re most welcome Charles .. she has an eye that is most productive. It is amazing that with so many people taking, recording and posting images today, that someone could be so insightful in their own recording.

Giving disclaimer to the vapid old
See More


Charles N Cantella Do it cause it makes the journey exciting!


Jen Klassen Very impressive Les, looks great! Happy I could bring some inspiration:)


Les Booth Oh, Jen, your eye brings a great deal of inspiration. Do continue to record your world – a most beautiful corner of the Canadian Rockies – with your unique vision. It has a most enjoyable and interesting thread running through it. You have an endless supply of subjects and each one is made totally unique by you. Thank you. Click On!



Fortune Tina · Friends with Jen Klassen

Wow looks amazing!


Diane Michelin I love Les Jen…such a great admirer


Peg Duncan Nicely done, Les. And I totally agree – Jen’s work is amazing!

Next Season: Headin’ Home

A new print.  This one talks a bit of turkey; turkey hunting that is.  The spring season is just around the corner and preparations are under way.  It may be a bit early to be thinking of a ‘Next Season’ already, but hey, it is inevitable. So, let’s make plans now – enjoy the process, the season and the looking forward to next year already.

A story is in progress for this print.  It’s still stuck between the keys and this page.  I’ll finish prying it out in a couple of days. Until then, just enjoy the print.

This print was also used to illustrate a fine article on turkey calls, written by my good friend and colleague, Dave Richey of Traverse City, MI.  Read Dave’s article, Cleaning My Turkey Calls, on his main blog, Dave Richey Outdoors, and many other online locations.

If you find yourself seeing this print on your wall – and get a big hankering to own one – then send me an email. You could be one of  90 unique people on the planet. ‘Cause there will only ever be 90 giclee prints prints offered; ever.

Happy Huntin’…

Next Season: Headin Home; 90 giclee prints are available

Next Season: Headin’ Home

SIZE: Image: 8″ x 11.5 |  Paper:10″ x 13″


The African elephant has been an inspiration since the first one was sighted by human eyes.  Before that, unless it was another elephant the sighting most likely engendered fear.  It does that well in the eyes of humans, too.  We have the elevated capacity to wonder and admire beauty.  The African elephant (Loxodonta africana) definitely inspires.

The Swahili word Sankalai is the word more often used to define the male (bull) African elephant.  I thought this word appropriate for this eLithograph© since it is the embued emotion I felt – and have found others feel when seeing this image – when first seeing an African elephant in real life.  Native African peoples know far better than I the impressive figure and elephant impresses, but one does not need to see an elephant ‘in-the-bush’ to be moved.

Read the short story, “Sankalai” on the Akilologos blog.  This story was written in the Akilologos style, with the ~1000 word short-story being inspired by the image.



  • SIZE Image: 12.7″x16.2″ | Paper: 20″x16″
  • PRINT Giclee w/artist dye pigments
  • RUN 100 Prints | 95 (6/100-100/100) available
  • PRICE $150 print only | Contact for matte and frames

Read the short story, Sankalai on the Akilologos blog