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Montauk Rocks …

For years I have heard stories of the ‘rock fishermen’ of Montauk Bay New York.

Those crazed maniacs of the wave-crashed shoreline off the tip of Long Island, who seemingly have grown gecko pads on their feet. Standing ground and dodging huge breakers, as they struggle to cast huge plugs and hair jigs … or a multitude of live-bait get-ups … for huge striped bass and other assorted marine fish of note.

Then a few months back I met, on Facebook, Ken Baldwin, who is the producer/star of the Xtreme Fishing TV Show, ‘Season On The Edge‘.  While reading Ken’s posts, chatting with him and paging through his photos, I found his TV-show website and a few full-length episodes of the show on the Season On The Edge YouTube… then I found HIS Vimeo Channel!  Motherload!!

There I found the piece he did on Montauk!  Well, you are IN for a hair-raising, adrenaline jumpin’, heart-disablin’ … fishing and conversation fun-time.  Tough. Rough. Hard playin’.  Hard-fightin’, fishermen … who face the big monster waters of, ‘the point’.  Even if the fishing is slow for some, the camaraderie is what we all go for … and these boys know how to party.

This is NOT bank fishing.  Not stream fishing.  This is life threatening just thinking about it … let alone doing it.  But .. there is an addiction in the adrenaline rush.  Despite the sharks…

060315_cxc_kbaldwin_montaukbreaker1Inspired by this group of intrepid good-natured nuts, I have produced the eLITHOGRAPH titled,  Montauk Rocks, 14.2″ x 14.2″, watercolor.  May it give you a sensual feeling of the ‘on-the-rocks, dance with the waves’ .. Montauk Style.

After watching Ken’s piece on Montauk, I have decided he will now be known as… Ken ‘Gottem-Gottem’ Baldwin.

Enjoy.  I sure did!




Ermine: Fall-Phase

091514_cxc_kbaldwin_ermine03a-900xErmine: Fall-Phase, is the title of this new eLITHOGRAPH, and is the formal name for the critter that also sports such common names: Short-tailed Weasel, Stout, Royskatt. To name but a few.

Genus: Mustela
Species: erminea.

The ermine is dark brown in the spring and summer and begins his turn to its pure white glory – all except at the tip-of-the-tail, tear-drops and nose – which is midnight black. And those piercing pieces of midnight black anthracite eyes!

Curious to a fault and blood-thirsty  as any of its other Weasel family members, this little weasel is quite the sight to catch; if you can!; in the wild.

The pelt of the ermine has been in high demand around the world and worn by European and Asian nobility/royalty for centuries.  Only in the last 100 years have they also been the chic wear of the ‘Rich and Famous’ crowd, inhabiting the bowls of Hollywood and Wall Street. Hunted to hear extinction across most of its range, today most prize ermine pelts provided for the high-fashion furs of immense value, come from commercial farms.

The agriculturalization of mink-farming (of which the ermine full under), though distasteful for many, has been a real benefit to restabilizing the world’s populations of ermine.

This eLITHOGRAPH measures a full 26″ x 19″. It was inspired by a photo taken by Ken Baldwin, producer and star of the Xtreme Outdoor TV show, Season On The Edge, who also happens to be fly-fishing guide in Alaska, during the summer months;  of a gorgeous little ermine in while on his 2014 Alaska guiding gig.

Thank you Ken for the nudge. I couldn’t resist this little fellow’s nudge.  But you will note, he is ‘now’ in a more … ‘natural setting’  Not that about anywhere you turn in Alaska, is .. NATURAL.

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Tyme Tale: Steelhead


An eLITHOGRAPH of a steelhead tail fanning a redd is the beginning and the end.  The beginning of the tale of life and the end of a season of procreation. For the steelhead, it is but one in a string of such expeditions to keep the species going.  For us as fishermen of the steelhead, it is the promise of welcome heartbreaks for years to come.

Tyme Tale – w/ verse – 15″ x 20″, eLITHOGRAPH.  This is the first OOAK Digital Gallery​ image created for 2015.  I hope y’all enjoy.  More to come.  B|